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Welcome to Simpsons Showdown, the podcast where we rank every episode of The Simpsons.

All aboard the Simpsons Train! Join us as we dive into the 50th episode of The Simpsons! This episode we are preamble free! After celebrating the 50th episode ‘Homer Alone’ we dig into the more romantic side of The Simpsons with ‘Bart The Lover’.

We have it all! Romance! Heartbreak! Ice Cream! Craig! Dobbie! Tom! Exclamation Marks!

Current Season 3 Ranking (as of last episode)

  1. Flaming Moe’s
  2. Bart the Murderer
  3. Radio Bart
  4. Saturdays of Thunder
  5. Stark Raving Dad
  6. Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington
  7. Lisa the Greek
  8. Treehouse of Horror II
  9. Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk
  10. Like Father, Like Clown
  11. When Flanders Failed
  12. Lisa’s Pony
  13. I Married Marge
  14. Homer Defined

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