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Check out our recent interview with Italian groove-masters – Lucifour M!

For the unfortunate few who don’t know who you are, would you mind introducing yourselves?
Lucifour M: We are a band from Italy. We play pop music, with no specific inputs; we love differences, diversity and spontaneity.

In the effort of getting know each other better – if you could be a sandwich, what sandwich would you be?
Lucifour M: An Italian Hot Sausage Sandwich! For Sure!

Tell us about your latest release.
Lucifour M: UNO (our first EP) is our latest release, but in few days you will see the second one called DUE. Both are flip sides of the same project honestly, recorded in the same sessions but released as two different separate pieces as decided together with our label Sonar Kollektiv Berlin.

How have you found touring so far?
Lucifour M:
We haven’t properly toured yet, we’ve just played some shows here and there, from Berlin, to our home area in Italy. Next month will will be playing live more deeply, starting from Milan, then Europe and UK, including a slot at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton.

We love playing live, it is essentially what we do, as our records as been recorded mostly as a live performance too.

Have you got any crazy tour stories you can share with the world?
Lucifour M: “Crazy” is not the word, I would say “hot” instead, as in Berlin it was tremendously hot and all the audience was almost naked! Funny!

Here at Upside Down Shark we discuss a wide breadth of pop-culture, including music, movies, TV, video games and the like. So with that in mind, if you could have a track featured in anything, whether it be any of the above on even a wrestling theme, what would it be?
Lucifour M: Hockey! Thats my choice! Honestly 3 songs of our first 2 eps have been included as soundtracks in a film called “State Of The Game” by Robert Daniel Martin, which will be out soon. It is a story about a group of friends in a Hockey Team.

Name one thing on your band bucket list
Lucifour M: Some new red suits! We use 4 red suits on stage but they seem more like boxer gowns! Maybe we could appear more evil with some new outfits as we intend to look like!

What would be your inspirational quote to share with the world?
Lucifour M:

“When you drift away from here,
You’ll no longer know,
If any of this was really true at all.”

Or “If you think you are to old to rock and roll than you are!” by Lemmy Kilmister. That’s always a good one!

What does 2020 have in store for you?
Lucifour M: Gigging a lot! Hopefully! Yeah we like being on stage, we are preparing a show that will see we can announce around the end of March, along with new releases on the way of course…

What’s your favourite shark?
Lucifour M: Jabberjaw! Tremendously fun!

Many thanks to Lucifour M for sitting down to talk to us. Make sure to check them out here

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