Why You Should Play Inertial Drift | Inertial Drift Review

Why You Should Play Inertial Drift | Inertial Drift Review

Watch our review of the unique arcade racer – Inertial Drift!

Welcome to our review of Inertial Drift. We’ll tell you everything you need to know before you play this unique arcade racer. From gameplay, to different modes and graphics, we’ll go into detail on why this game is worth your time.


Hey how’s it going guys! Welcome to our review of Inertial Drift, available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. We’re going to tell you everything you need to know before you play, but before I do, make sure to hit subscribe for more video game reviews every single week. You’re not going to want to miss it.

I’m a big fan of arcade racers. Somewhat of a dying art, the silliness and accessibility has been replaced by the simulation and realism of your Forzas and Gran Turismos. Fortunately, Belfast-based developers Level 91 are keeping the genre alive with their latest title – Inertial Drift.

As the title suggests, there’s a heavy emphasis on drifting, with a very unique control scheme to boot that we’ll get into in a bit. But how does it stack up to the Burnouts and Ridge Racers of old? Watch on to find out…

Firstly, the controls are definitely unique, and will take some getting used to. You use the left stick as usual to control the direction of your car, but that won’t be enough to get you round corners. Instead, you’ll have to employ the right stick, which is there to control the direction of your drift. It can feel strange to start with, and if you’re anything like me you’ll have a few wipeouts before you get the hang of it. But once you do, you’ll find it feels pretty intuitive. 

I love the way you can string drifts and other moves together for points, making you decide between the risk and reward of the combo. The difficulty is pretty perfectly balanced too. Just enough to challenge you without being too much for casual players. It’s a nice touch that you can share times with friends for bragging rights, unless you’re at the bottom of the ranking like me. 

The game includes a pretty rudimentary story mode. It’s essentially a series of races broken up by visual novel style cut scenes. To be honest, these are a bit of a means to an end to get to the races. But the story mode does provide a nice, glorified training mode and can be wrapped up in a few hours.

Beyond the story, there’s plenty of variety on offer. On top of the obligatory online multiplayer, there’s a rare outing for split-screen multiplayer, which we’ll always champion. You can also expect 20 very different race courses, that will require their own strategies to master their bends and corners. It’s great to see this level of variety on offer, and gives the game some serious longevity. 

What’s more, there’s a great deal of choice in terms of the vehicles you helm too, each feeling totally individual with their own speed, handling and drift sensitivity. It’s worth trying out each to find out which car suits your style best. It’s like the sorting hat in Harry Potter but smells more like petrol.

Looking to the aesthetics, the graphics really worked for me. Rather than going for photorealism, Level 91 have instead gone for a stylised, neon feel that oozes cool. It almost looks like a racing game set in the Crackdown universe, another very good looking game. The soundtrack is another winner, and complements the action and the roar of engines perfectly.

To wrap up, Inertial Drift is a case of past meets future. It’s a love letter to a bygone era of arcade racers, stylish and over the top, where fun takes priority over realism. But at the same time, it offers a brand new way to steer your car at breakneck speed, which once you get the hang of, is a huge amount of fun. I can see this being a staple party game for years to come. Let’s just hope we can actually have parties some time soon!

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