Mini Review: Avenged Sevenfold – Life Is but a Dream…

Here’s our mini review of the latest release from Avenged Sevenfold…

If you thought Avenged Sevenfold would start to rest on their laurels after 2016’s exceptional The Stage, you can think again. Life Is but a Dream… is a band exuding so much bravado that even if you don’t immediately gravitate to the music on display, it’s impossible to be anything less than impressed.

Influences from across all of time and all of music get moments at the forefront across the album’s 54-minute runtime, with vocalist M Shadows stretching his voice further than ever before; all the way from his guttural growl to a Sinatra-esque croon and everything in between. Synyster Gates’ guitar work remains as captivating as ever, and Brooks Wackerman puts on perhaps a career best display with his drum work across the album.

Life Is but a Dream.. is definitely not going to be for everybody – especially not upon first listen – but if you’re willing to give it the time and listens it so deserves then it’s very likely you’ll agree that we’ve witnessed the release of something VERY special here.

Avenged Sevenfold - Nobody (Official Video)

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