Road to UDS Podcast #200: A Retrospective #150 | Bonus

The Road To Episode 200 Countinues!

Episode 200 is almost here, before we get there however Dobbie let’s us know one of his favourite eps. Episode 150 was a retrospective of what we the site had accomplished upto that point and a great choice according to Dobbie, to which we all agree!

Enjoy our original Intro music! “The Vagtastic Voyage” by Mexicofallz

Current Theme: Intro music: “Shark” by Das Kapitans

Original Description:

“We did it, we bloody did it.

After 3 years, we’ve finally hit 150 episodes of UDS Radio, the alternative pop culture news podcast. On this momentous edition, Craig, Neale, Dobbie and Tom look back at some of our personal highlight’s from the UDS archives, including comic conventions, band interviews, video game marathons and more. 

Raise a glass of Pepsi Max to the next 150 episodes, it’s been a blast!”


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