Legacy Comix – Patrick Hickey Jr. Interview | UDS Podcast

Author, Voice Actor, Giant Handsome Man and Now Comic Book Publisher!?

Craig & Tom are joined by author, journalist, lecturer, voice actor and generally cool dude, Patrick Hickey Jr.

You may remember we interviewed Patrick all the way back in 2019 (time really flies huh?) about his book The Minds Behind The Games. He is now back to tell us of his latest project Legacy Comix.

Legacy Comix is the brainchild of Patrick Hickey Jr. and Comic Book Artist/Writer and Podcaster John Svedese. In an effort to tell new and engaging stories, Legacy Comix was founded, with the intention of giving writers and artists the control over their IPs they deserve.

Launching with four ashcan comics, Athos, The Job, KROOM and The Legend of The Night Owl and featuring the first full-24-page issue of indie comic hit, Condrey, Legacy Comix is ready to share explosive noir and sci-fi superhero tales to the masses.

You can go and help fund this great project on Kickstarter! (Before it ends on Jan 4!) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/legacycomix/legacy-comix

Also we discuss the what he has been upto during the whole coronavirus period and what he has done to keep himself sane. Three wrestling nerds get together so of course we talk of the current state of the soap opera for men (and everyone else).

All this and more! Welcome to 2022!

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