NINTENDO DIRECT SEPT 2018: WHAT JUST HAPPENED!? | Upside Down Shark Radio #48


It seems Nintendo can do no wrong at the moment, and the recent Nintendo Direct expo solidified their stellar 2018. Tom & Craig run down their personal highlights from the event, with an extended, romantic soliloquy about Katamari Damarcy by our boy Craig.

Also featured this week is our (now late) predictions for WWE Hell In A Cell, and all our usual recommendations and shenanigans!

Track of the Week is “Get Up” by Neon Saturdays @18:18. Check them out @

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Intro music: “The Vagtastic Voyage” by Mexicofallz

Who are we?

We are Craig & Tom, and together we are Upside Down Shark.

We get together every week to talk about the goings on in pop culture, what we’ve been up to and generally have a chinwag. We also have our creative friends on to talk about their projects and hobbies, so we sound cooler by proxy!

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