Is the XFL a good Idea!? (Feat. Mr Wholmes) | UDS Radio #015

The XFL and Raw 25? Who stuck us in a Delorean?

This week the boys are joined by Harvey (AKA Mr Wholmes) to discuss this as well as other pop-culture happenings!

Check out Mr Wholmes on Youtube:

Track of the Week is Catalyst by Bowling For Soup @22:46.

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Who are we?

We are Craig, Paul & Tom, and together we are Upside Down Shark.

We get together every week to talk about the goings on in pop culture, what we’ve been up to and generally have a chinwag. We also have our creative friends on to talk about their projects and hobbies, so we sound cooler by proxy!

Expect film, music, comics, art, books, wrestling and a whole lot more!

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