Joker: Film of the Year? Tool: Album of the Year? | UDS Radio #86


The first screenings of Joker are in the books and audiences have been singing its praises ever since. But does it have the potential to not just be the comic book movie of the year, but the best film, period? Craig and Tom take a deep dive into the early reactions to find out ahead of it’s general release this October.

Also this week, the boys take a look at all the drama and hype around World of Warcraft Classic, and its wonderful servers that never ever cause problems, trust us, as well as our takes on Tool’s long awaited album – Fear Inoculum.

Track of the Week is “Voices” by Dancing With Dakota. Check them out @ 🤘

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We interview cool people (like Frank Turner & Mega Ran)

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Intro music: “The Vagtastic Voyage” by Mexicofallz

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