D23 2019 Highlights & Announcements! | UDS Radio #85

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D23 is in the books and there’s a bunch of exciting announcements to chew over, and that’s exactly what Craig and Tom are gonna do in this episode of Upside Down Shark Radio! We’ll talk all things Star Wars, Marvel/MCU, classic Disney reboots and of course, The Simpsons!

Also this week, we discuss the ongoing drama surrounding Sony, Disney and Spider-Man, as well as all the biggest releases of the week.

Wrapping up the show is a brand new segment – the big question of the week. In it’s debut entry, we take a look at ‘how far in advance is too early to announce a release date?’.

Track of the Week is “Shylock” by A Joker’s Rage. Check them out @ https://www.ajokersrage.com/ 🤘

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We interview cool people (like Frank Turner & Mega Ran)

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Intro music: “The Vagtastic Voyage” by Mexicofallz


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