WARGROOVE – THE BEST VIDEO GAME OF 2019 (SO FAR)!? | Upside Down Shark Radio #64


We may only be a month and a half into 2019, but we’ve already seen some amazing video games released this year. But amongst the Kingdom Heart 3s, the Resident Evil 2s and the Ace Combat 7s, could Wargroove (released for Nintendo Switch & PC) be the best game of the year so far? Neale, Dobbie and Tom dive into the best games of the year to find out. Oh, and Ty the Tasmanian Tiger… for some reason.

Also this week, Dobbie give us his take on Frank Turner’s headline show at London’s Alexandra Palace, and we briefly touch on the recent Twitter exchange regarding the name of Frank’s side project – Mongol Horde.

Wrapping up the show, we wax lyrical about our favourite theme park rides, because why not?

Track of the Week is ‘A Hymn For The Broken’ by Tears Of A Fallen Hero @20:28. Check them out @ https://www.facebook.com/tearsofafallenhero/ 🤘

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We interview cool people (like Frank Turner & Mega Ran)

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Intro music: “The Vagtastic Voyage” by Mexicofallz

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