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Bioshock Sequel Confirmed! | UDS Radio #98

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Bioshock is coming back! Yes, that’s right, there’s a sequel to the popular franchise in the works, and we couldn’t be more excited! We dissect the news we have and find out why this is definitely something to look forward to!

Also this week, we take a look at the latest Resident Evil 3 remake leaks, our favourite PlayStation memories on its 25th anniversary and if Ryan Reynold’s Free Guy is going to be any good. It’s a laugh riot! Track of the Week is ENTERFIRE with ‘Breath’. Check them out @ https://www.enterfire.co/biography

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We interview cool people (like Frank Turner & Mega Ran)

Check Out videogameinhd! our own UDS comic!

Intro music: “The Vagtastic Voyage” by Mexicofallz


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