Beta Simpsons (Season 1 Finale) | Simpsons Showdown #006

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In this series finale we discuss not one, not two but three episodes of the Simpsons in this bumper episode of Simpson’s Showdown.

The episodes we look at are “The Call of the Simpsons”, “The Telltale Head” & “Homer’s Night Out”.

We see Homer & Bart getting along with one another. Bears! Statues! Church! Mobs! Dancing! Squid!

Thank you for joining us as we took went through season one of The Simpsons. Join us soon when we start season two!

Season 1 Rankings so far:
1 Moaning Lisa
2 Bart the General
3 Krusty Gets Busted
4 Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire
5 Life on the Fast Lane
6 The Crepes of Wrath
7 Homer’s Odyssey
8 Bart the Genius
9 There’s No Disgrace Like Home
10 Some Enchanted Evening

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