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Listen to the latest episode of Simpsons Showdown – our podcast where we rank The Simpsons episodes!

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It’s a Major League week as we take a look at the episodes ‘Homer At The Bat’ and ‘Separate Vocations’!  But do these episodes knock it out of the proverbial park, or do they strikeout miserably? Join us in the Mystery Spot to find out…

Current Season 3 Ranking (as of last episode)

  1. Flaming Moe’s
  2. Bart The Lover
  3. Bart the Murderer
  4. Radio Bart
  5. Saturdays of Thunder
  6. Stark Raving Dad
  7. Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington
  8. Lisa the Greek
  9. Homer Alone
  10. Treehouse of Horror II
  11. Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk
  12. Like Father, Like Clown
  13. When Flanders Failed
  14. Lisa’s Pony
  15. I Married Marge
  16. Homer Defined

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