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This week, Dobbie is looking for change, Tom is on a word limit and Craig is all business as usual. 

We take a look at the episodes ‘Selma’s Choice’ and ‘Brother From The Same Planet’. But where will our choice lead us to placing these episodes into our scoreboard? And will we all agree on our ratings, or are we all from different planets? Is this description very tenuous? 2 of these 3 questions will be answered!!

Current Season 4 Ranking (as of last episode)

  1. Mr. Plow
  2. Marge Vs. The Monorail
  3. Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie
  4. Treehouse of Horror III
  5. Homer the Heretic
  6. Lisa’s First Word
  7. New Kid on the Block
  8. Lisa the Beauty Queen
  9. Marge Gets a Job
  10. Kamp Krusty
  11. A Streetcar Named Marge
  12. Homer’s Triple Bypass

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