EP Review: Malevolence – The Other Side

They say good things come to those that wait, and this definitely applies to Malevolence’s releases. Bursting onto the scene in 2013 with their debut album Reign of Suffering, the Sheffield natives quickly went about building a cult following for their ferocious music and chaotic live shows. This legacy was cemented further with their 2017 sophomore effort Self Supremacy, establishing the band as one of the flag bearers of British metal music. 

Flash forward to April 2020, and we finally have a follow up in the form of their new EP – The Other Side. Being only 3 tracks long, there’s no fat on this record, rather we’d go as far to say this is their most mature, impressive outing to date. Pulling influences from the breadth of the metal/hardcore spectrum, Malevolence have managed to forge a unique sound all of their own; one that is greater than the sum of its parts. The groove of Pantera, the riffs of Lamb of God and the attitude of Madball can all be found here.

MALEVOLENCE - Keep Your Distance (ft. Bryan Garris - Knocked Loose)

But arguably the most impressive thing about this release is the fact that, despite being so short, it manages to form a definite arc that necessitates listening to it in full. From the slow build up of Remain Unbeaten, through the unrelenting aggression of Keep Your Distance to the melancholy of The Other Side, you hurtle through a soundscape that evokes more emotion than you’ll find on a typical album, let alone an EP. 

The stand out track has to be Keep Your Distance, featuring guest vocals from Knocked Loose’s Bryan Gaaris. We defy anyone to listen to it without experiencing the irresistible urge to headbang (it can’t be helped, we tried), and we can’t wait to see the track performed the way it was intended – while throwing limbs in a sweaty pit. Besides, a song titled Keep Your Distance has never felt more apt. 

During a time when we could all do with a little cathartic release, a release like Malevolence’s The Other Side has never felt more vital. Crank it up loud and we guarantee you’ll feel like you could punch through walls.

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The Other Side is out 24th April on MLVLTD Music.

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