Album Review: False Advertising – Brainfreeze

False Advertising are a band who’ve been on my radar since they supported Jamie Lenman earlier this year, and their contemporary grunge sound struck an instant chord with this humble reviewer. That’s why I’ve been waiting excitedly for the release of their debut album – Brainfreeze (Alcopop! Records), for a number of months. And now it’s time to see if it lives up to this early buzz (and I’m not just talking guitar tones). 

Firstly, I was surprised at just how diverse this album is. Whereas their formative EPs honed their 90s alternative roots, Brainfreeze is very much a product of an assortment of influences. The first half of the album is drenched in Anglo-grunge angst, while the second half dips into blues, 60s garage rock and Britpop. This melting pot of styles is expertly crafted into a sound that is refreshingly unique. Not many albums have shocked me out of complacency like this in recent years.

Even if you’re not one to deep dive into the theory of a song, you don’t need to be a scholar to appreciate that this is an album of bops. From 10 storey tall choruses to vocalist Jen Hingley’s snarling swagger, it’d take a strong constitution not to start nodding along. You needn’t look further than the album’s first single – ‘Influenza’, to find a perfect example of this.

To wrap up, False Advertising’s Brainfreeze is an ambitious effort that hits every mark it aims for. It straddles the line between DIY sincerity and pleasing production value to result in what could very well be my album of the year. 

I’ve not been this excited for an up and coming, British rock band since Reuben, and I can’t think of any higher praise than that.

Make sure to pick up Brainfreeze here.

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