Album Review: ERRA – Self-Titled

ERRA - Self Titled Album Cover

Find out our thoughts on the latest release from metalcore legends ERRA…

Fresh off signing with UNFD, Alabama quintet ERRA are at the forefront of the metalcore scene with their highly anticipated self-titled album. Therein, you’ll experience angelic cleans, vicious growls, ethereal solos, brutal breakdowns and high-calibre blast beats. The almost hour-long musical journey – their longest record to date – is taking no prisoners, satisfying every die-hard ERRA fan, while also approaching new dynamics with ease and utter mastery.

The album opens with the explosive force of Snowblood, their first single released back in August 2020, followed by the equally hard-hitting Gungrave. The stage is instantly set and ERRA only goes from strength to strength, covering topics all too familiar to the metal genre but retaining an increased melodic brilliance that the band have come to execute perfectly. 

Some of the surprises along the way include Scorpion Hymn, which features J.T. Cavey solely on vocals, a first for the band, as well as some unexpected electronically-altered vocals from Jesse Cash in Lunar Halo. The final track, Memory Fiction, provides the listener with a slow, reflective close; the weight of the entire album building to a beautiful and solemn finale. 

ERRA - Shadow Autonomous [Official Music Video]

It’s clear to see why this album got the self-titled treatment. It balances the sonic foundation mastered by ERRA since their inception, yet doesn’t remain within the boundaries of safety. Instead, it brings a new and exciting landscapes to the band’s already stellar discography. Although the album is significantly longer than their previous offerings Neon and Drift, at no point will the listener become uninterested or feel the urge to skip a track. Each song hits a spot that will undoubtedly resonate with long time fans and new listeners alike.

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