Malevolence Talk ‘The Other Side’ & Getting Kicked Out Of Download Fest! | Malevolence Interview

Malevolence Talk 'The Other Side' & Getting Kicked Out Of Download Fest! | Malevolence Interview

Watch our exclusive interview with Alex Taylor, lead vocalist of Malevolence!

Our Tom sits down with Alex Taylor, lead singer of Sheffield’s most destructive band – Malevolence. We talk about their latest EP – ‘The Other Side’, growing as a DIY band and crazy tour stories. And when we say crazy, we mean getting kicked out of Download Festival crazy.

Malevolence – officially too metal for Download!

Listen to Malevolence

Read our interview of ‘The Other Side’

The Other Side is out 24th April on MLVLTD Music.

Twitter: @MalevolenceRiff
Facebook: @MalevolenceRiff

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