Harsh Language Talks New EP ‘Distortions’, Live Shows & Sharks! | Harsh Language Interview

Harsh Language Talks New EP 'Distortions', Live Shows & Sharks! | Harsh Language Interview

Check out our interview with the band-of-one project – Harsh Language…

Check out our interview with Sean Shreeve, the creative mind behind Harsh Language, a multi-genre project that combines the best of post-hardcore, chiptune and an assortment of other influences. We chat about his debut EP Distortions, the creative process that went into making it and plans to take it on the road as soon as possible.

We also talk about sharks, sandwiches and other silly stuff. Because why else do you come here except for the tangents?

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A little bit about Harsh Language:

Harsh Language is the band-of-one musical persona of Sean Shreeve (Ex-Freeze The Atlantic, Spectrum 7), bringing together Electronica with words, guitars, and loud noises. Imagine if early Placebo met later Deftones and started a band with 65daysofstatic via Depeche Mode and you’re somewhere close.

Originally starting life as 52pieces, a yearlong writing project in 2016 with a plethora of musical material of varying styles and sounds ranging from alternative rock to full blown chiptune, Harsh Language is an evolution of that project – riffing on a life-long love of guitar music, and embracing samples, synths and sounds to create a emotive wall of melodic noise.

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