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Grandpa Loves Rhinos Talk New Album, Board Games & More! | Grandpa Loves Rhinos Interview

Check out our interview with Idaho’s finest punk rockers – Grandpa Loves Rhinos!

We chat about their brand new album Searching in the Sarchasm, as well as some of the very personal stories that helped shape it.

We also talk about board games and bear sharks, because of course we do!

Listen to Grandpa Loves Rhinos

A little about Grandpa Loves Rhinos:

Grandpa Loves Rhinos tip their hat proudly at nostalgia, at things many of us cling to. Found amidst the tongue in cheek humour, the sarcasm, and pop culture references is a story about our human nature. Our quest to find hope in a world searching for meaning. We are all just hanging on, clinging to a life that once meant so much. In the anxiety about tomorrow, we turn to music to ease our suffering. Music from Grandpa Loves Rhinos does just that and so much more. Give this fun band with a unique name a listen and leave your troubles behind. Sit back, relax, and strap on for the ride because this summer won’t be summer without Grandpa Loves Rhinos.

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