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Check out our recent interview with hard rock heroes Days To Come!

For the unfortunate few who don’t know who you are, would you mind introducing yourselves?
My name is Justin Goodson and I’m the vocalist for the American rock band Days To Come. Brandon Rix is our guitarist and Jalen Hall is our drummer. 

In the effort of getting know each other better – if you could be a sandwich, what sandwich would you be?
Monte Cristo.

Tell us about your latest release, Ashes
Lyrically, Ashes is about letting go of the negative & moving on. I feel like this song continues to build on our foundation & will feel right at home alongside ‘Siren’, ‘Wolves’, & ‘Vultures’.

You’ve been touring the United States in support of your latest single, Ashes. How have you found the tour?
It’s going great! We’ve got some dates lined up with Silvertung and Ventruss. Life is good.

Have you got any crazy tour stories you can share with the world?
Can I talk about that one time a previous drummer of ours couldn’t find a bathroom in time?

Here at Upside Down Shark we discuss a wide breadth of pop-culture, including music, movies, TV, video games and the like. So with that in mind, if you could have a track featured in anything, whether it be any of the above on even a wrestling theme, what would it be?
As an avid gamer, if we could get one of our songs on a game soundtrack, that would be the coolest thing ever.

Name one thing on your band bucket list.
Justin: Playing the House of Blues. I love that venue.

What would be your inspirational quote to share with the world?
The world needs you.

What does 2020 have in store for you?
Tours and songs galore!

What’s your favourite shark?
Sharks? Turtles are where it’s at. 

Many thanks to Days To Come for sitting down to chat with us. Make sure to check their website!

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