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Check out our recent interview with Boston’s hardest rockers – Leaving Eden!

For the unfortunate few who don’t know who you are, would you mind introducing yourselves?

Leaving Eden: Sure thing. I’m Eric Gynan, co-founder of the rock band Leaving Eden from New England, USA. 

In the effort of getting to know each other better – if you could be a sandwich, what sandwich would you be?

Leaving Eden: Ha great, love it. Well I wouldn’t want to be eaten so I’d say a dandruff sandwich. 

You’ve recently been touring round the world. How have you found touring?

Leaving Eden: We’ve been playing constant for a long time now and love It! Every second is exciting when it comes to rock n’ roll! Leaving Eden has toured the USA, UK and Canada, sharing the stage with hundreds of the biggest national bands in the world including; Alice Cooper, Dropkick Murphy’s, Killswitch Engage, Napalm Death, The Misfits, Theory Of A Deadman and many more.

Have you got any crazy tour stories you can share with the world?

Leaving Eden: We were playing a benefit concert. It was really in the middle of nowhere, very far up north in Maine, USA. So we showed up and looked around. We saw these huge stages, all with cool light shows and the grounds were awesome. We said this is going to be great. The promoter there said “…no no no you guys aren’t playing there,  you’re playing over here”, as he points to a little coat rack of a stage.

We were like, “OK cool no problem, so we ended up playing a set in front of maybe, 20 people.

The promoter comes back up to us when we we’re done and says “Man you guys were great. Do you want to play tomorrow?“

I said “Sure man what you got going on? “

He immediately got frustrated and said “What do you mean what do I have going on? Woodstock man!“

I said “Woodstock? The original Woodstock or Woodstock the 90s?”

He got more frustrated and said “The original Woodstock man! Do you wanna play or not?”

When I said “Sorry man. I’m just not from around here and I don’t know what’s going on.”

He said “[Do] you know how much money I spent on advertising on this?”

I said “Well yeah, sure would love to play.” So the next day we got to play on that huge stage with that great light show in front of a huge crowd and we got to meet and hang out with the bands out back. There was a big food and drink area outback, it was awesome. We got carted around in these 12 passenger golf carts with a driver. It was awesome! To me it was like full circle, because that’s where it all started. Woodstock!

Here at Upside Down Shark we discuss a wide breadth of pop-culture, including music, movies, TV, video games and the like. So with that in mind, if you could have a track featured in anything, whether it be any of the above on even a wrestling theme, what would it be?

Leaving Eden: I think for a vampire movie our song “Shallow Waters” off our album Descending. To me, it works. 

Name one thing on your band bucket list

Leaving Eden: I am a voting member of the Grammys and would simply love to win a Grammy. A pretty steep order. 

What would be your inspirational quote to share with the world?

Leaving Eden: “Abandoned and forgotten, eroding away, trying to get stronger, only to decay.”  Oh wait, that’s not inspirational!

How about this: “And, if the earth shall crumble beneath my feet, I’ll still be standing.”

What does 2020 have in store for you?

Leaving Eden: We’re about to release our 7th album, titled Dream With Me, which is also the title track to be released worldwide and distributed by Dark Star Records/Sony/Universal.

Many thanks to Leaving Eden for sitting down to chat with us! Check out their website here.

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