Why You Should Play Genshin Impact

Find out why Genshin Impact is an underrated game you won’t want to miss…

Genshin Impact is a free gacha game where the odds are never in your favour but regardless, it’s easy to play the game without having to spend a penny. You’re given a few starter characters to easily progress through the story and enough Gems for free to try your luck getting those lovely 5 star characters. When Genshin Impact first got announced, everyone thought it would be a Breath of the Wild clone, but after release, we found it to be very different. Even though it has the same basic mechanics, the game plays completely differently; having a scaling world level so the monsters level up as you keep playing or finding multiple dungeons around the world to find better items to make the best team possible.

Genshin Impact - State of Play Gameplay Trailer | PS4

There are multiple things I love about this game, but the main one for me would be the combat system. With 4 characters allowed to be played at any one time, you are able to create multiple different combos between 7 different elements that allow chaos upon your enemies. The combat flows so well that it always makes me sad when I go to play other games, and they just can’t seem to replicate something a free game has done. In a time where we can’t go outside as much, just being able to walk and explore a brand new world with no limits on what I should be doing is wonderful. Overall, the game has only been out just over 2 months, and I’ve played it every day since and honestly can’t see myself stopping anytime soon. Did I mention it was free?

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