Why Max Rebo Deserves His Own Disney+ Series

It’s time the king ascended to the throne…

It’s currently Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023, and we’ve already been spoiled by a wealth of upcoming announcements. Not only are we getting a continuation of Rey’s story post the criminally underrated Rise of Skywalker, we’re also getting a movie set 25,000 years in the past, revealing the origins of the Jedi Order itself. Throw in a Dave Filoni-led Mandverse feature length, and it’s shaping up to be an exciting time for fans of all things Star Wars.

But as I navigated my way through the crowds of the convention floor, I couldn’t help daydreaming about what other characters I’d like to see get their own movie or series. Much like the likes of Mon Mothma, Cobb Vanth and others who’ve had their backstories fleshed out, who else deserves the limelight? 

After much soul searching and contemplation, the answer became obvious…

Max Rebo.

Max Rebo and his band may have only appeared in a few scenes in the Star Wars universe, but let’s face it, they stole the show every time. With their funky beats, neon colours, and eye-catching instruments, Max Rebo and his band more than deserve a Disney+ series of their own.

For those unfortunate few who don’t know, Max Rebo is the blue elephant-like creature who led a band of misfits that played at Jabba the Hutt’s palace in Return of the Jedi. Max played the keyboard, while the other members of the band played various instruments such as the flute and drums. You can leave your Cantina band in the bar scene, Max and his crew deserve the stadium tour.

Star Wars but only Max Rebo scenes. (updated)

So, why do Max Rebo and his band deserve their own Disney+ series? For starters, they have a unique perspective on the Star Wars universe. While we often see the struggles of the Jedi and the battles between the Rebels and the Empire, Max and his band offer a fresh, light-hearted take on the galaxy far, far away. A series centred around them could explore the day-to-day struggles of being musicians in a galaxy full of danger and adventure. 

Additionally, a Max Rebo series could dive deeper into his and his bandmates’ backstories. Who are these alien creatures and how did they come together to form a band? What struggles have they faced on their journey to becoming famous musicians? A series could answer these questions and more. Did Max have to drop out of space law school to pursue his dreams as a musician? Does Jabba pay well or is the constant threat of Rancor-related mishaps that keep the band grooving? We need to know.

But let’s not forget the most important reason why Max Rebo and his band deserve a series: pure entertainment. Just imagine The Dirt but with a chubby blue elephant blob. Screw it, you could even get Machine Gun Kelly to play him.

So, Disney+, we’re putting in a formal request for a Max Rebo (and band) series. It’s time for these underdogs to take centre stage and show the galaxy what they’re made of.

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