Upside Down Shark are doing a 24 Hour Live Stream for Charity

Hello everyone, Craig here.

As the title suggests we are doing a live stream for charity!

Christopher Stead, Craig Baughan, Ksana Bartlett, Matthew Dobbie & Tom Baker (not that Tom Baker) will embark on a 24 hour delight into the world of many video games.

Join us on Saturday 10th August 10AM GMT for what will definitely be a fun time for all. Video Games, Food, Heated Debates, Emotions, Special Guests and much much more!

Why are we doing this? More and more species are under threat every day through climate change, hunting, for profit & more. By raising money for The Shark Trust we can help ensure that some of our aquatic friends have a better chance of long term sustainability.

You can watch all this madness unfold on, so make sure to subscribe to it so you do not miss any of the schnegians that will go down!

So donate today at!!!!!

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