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Greetings music lovers. I hope you are all faring well and are now card-carrying members of the Church of the Cosmic Skull. If not, head over to my last recommendation to see if they’re for you. I have a rather interesting pick for you this time out, I hope you like it!

Today’s recommendation can only be described as an eclectic journey from the deepest depths of the soul, to the loftiest stratospheres of the mind of one Rosalie Cunningham. An incredibly talented singer, songwriter, and guitarist who has accomplished a sound with her debut album that many spend a lifetime chasing. 

The fuzzy guitar tone in the opening riff of Ride on My Bike engages the senses instantly, drawing you ever closer so that the magical lyricism and bewitching vocals can entangle you, holding you blissfully in place so the rest of this Prog-Rock album can start to digest you like a vaudeville-gypsy flytrap. Before you know it, all too soon A Yarn from the Wheel is echoing a similar guitar tone to close out the album, as if to slowly ease you back to the reality that it is all about to come to an end. 

Rosalie Cunningham - Ride On My Bike OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

Released almost exactly a year ago, this self-titled record has quickly racked up at least 100 complete listens from myself as it is so easy to just get lost in. F**k Love and Dethrone the Party Queen both feel like a darkened carnival fairground, whereas Butterflies wouldn’t sound out of place next to the best bohemian artists you can think of, presumptively drawing influences from greats like Sir Paul McCartney, and E.L.O. And yet these songs all come together to blend seamlessly into a beautifully crafted and immaculately paced album that will have you frequently returning, to be transported once more into a world of hybrid future-creatures and party queens.

I can only hope that the past year has inspired Cunningham to write and record more music of this high calibre, because I honestly cannot get enough of what she has already created here. 44 minutes just isn’t enough! 

At this point I usually highlight my favourite track off of the recommended album, but I genuinely don’t think I’ve ever listened to one track more than the rest on this one. It’s more like one 44 minute song.

Please check out the self-titled album Rosalie Cunningham now, show her some love, and let me know what you think.

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