Get HYPED For This Game | Goat Simulator 3 First Impressions

Get HYPED For This Game | Goat Simulator 3 First Impressions

Check out our hands on preview of Goat Simulator 3…

We review the early build we experienced at EGX 2022, sharing our experiences of the gameplay, online functionality, mini games and more.

Watch our interview with the developers behind Goat Simulator 3


So we were lucky enough to check out EGX last week, and while we were there we managed to chat to the team behind the upcoming Goat Simulator 3, as well as get hands on with the latest preview build. In this video, I’ll share our initial thoughts on what we experienced, and tell you whether or not it’s worth getting excited for.

In the effort of transparency, while we got a decent amount of time on most aspects of the game, we didn’t really touch the main missions, so won’t be mentioning anything to do with that here. Also, this is in no way sponsored or paid for, so when I’m super positive about certain things, that’s just my genuine opinion.

Lastly, make sure to check out our interview with the minds behind Goat Simulator 3 on the channel after this, and subscribe for plenty more video game content every single week. If you do, you can legally refer to yourself as the GOAT. It’s fine, the goat told us we have the authority.

For the uninitiated, Goat Simulator is essentially a chaotic sandbox game in which you cause havoc as a deranged goat. While the initial release was a self-confessed joke, lampooning the rise in simulator games around the mid-2010s, regular updates made it into something much more substantial that people continue to enjoy to this day.

But what about Goat Simulator 2? Well, it doesn’t exist, and finding out why was like trying to figure out The Joker’s origin story. Everyone had a different explanation. Is the game so incredible it skipped 2? Was it a jab at Valve that a third entry in a popular franchise can be made? Was it just a silly joke to promote a silly game? Who can really know for sure?

Anywho, what’s new this time around? 

By far and away, the biggest update is the addition of online multiplayer – it’s honestly going to be a game changer. What might’ve made you quietly chuckle to yourself before is now something that’ll cause belly laughs between you and your dumb friends. 

Put it this way, Craig and I were wandering around as a shark and giraffe, blowing people up and launching each other in the air like some twisted Pixar movie. I had to ask to borrow a tissue to wipe away the tears of laughter. While the first game had local multiplayer, this takes things global, and where a lot of popular games have effectively become glorified chat rooms, I can easily see kicking back with digital friends while dicking about as a goat.

And while it was a blast wandering about aimlessly, the mini games are just as fun. We had a fair selection to choose from in our demo, ranging from a floppy, ragdoll version of football, to the classic floor is lava. When you start any game, the play area starts wherever you’re currently standing on the map, whether or not it’s conducive to the game. This can lead to games of football on the side of a building or in the middle of a construction site, leading to very different experiences.

And that’s the thing. Despite there being obvious polish in terms of graphics and physics from the previous game, there’s still an intentional level of jank that leads to some truly hilarious moments. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing game breaking. Instead, you can expect things like clipping through a car you just hijacked, or being flicked into near orbit by the lick of another player (a sentence I never thought I’d say out loud). It’s here where Goat Simulator’s identity shines, and where things will never feel quite the same between each play. 

And this is all complemented by all the zany customisation options. Not only can you give yourself the usual silly wigs and accessories, you can also play as a selection of other animals, each of which have their own way of controlling. While I should say my favourite was the shark, given it’s our logo and name and all, but the giraffe was just so funny. You can add stilts to the tall bugger, and when I say stilts, you can build those suckers up real high. So stupid, but so good.

So that’s a brief roundup of my thoughts on Goat Simulator 3. Have you had a chance to check out a preview, or are you interested in picking it up? And if you want to learn more, check out our interview with the minds behind it, there should be a link on screen now. 

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Until then, my name is Tom, this has been UDS and we’ll see you next time.

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