Every Game Featured in Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection | Review

Every Game Featured in Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection | Review

We take a look at every game included in the Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection…

Take a peek at some retro, prehistoric gaming fun, find out which ones are good, which ones are bad and which ones are worth playing today.

Jurassic Park 8-BIT (NES)
Jurassic Park PORTABLE (Game Boy)
Jurassic Park 16-BIT (SNES)
Jurassic Park (GENESIS)
Jurassic Park Part 2: The Chaos Continues 16-BIT (SNES)
Jurassic Park Part 2: The Chaos Continues PORTABLE (Game Boy)
Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition (GENESIS)


Hey, dinosaurs are cool, aren’t they? We’ve already looked at some of the best games featuring prehistoric lizards on this channel, movies on our film channel and lamented at how there really aren’t enough good dino games around at the moment (with a few notable examples).

But in the absence of new titles, it’s always nice to see some forgotten gems get another chance to shine, and we’ve definitely got this in the form of Jurassic Park: Classic Games Collection. This brand new anthology consists of some of the true highlights from the 90s, covering a variety of consoles from home to handheld.

Now, I’m personally not in a rush to pick this one up, for one, Raspberry Pi-shaped reason, so this isn’t a review of the package dropping this week. However, I’ve played each of the games featured, so fancy talking a little bit about each one, and it’s our YouTube channel, so what the heck – let’s do it!

So join me on a trip to Isla Nublar (or Sorna if you’re feeling daring) as we take a look at each game, what makes them good, what makes them bad and how they stack up today. 

Jurassic Park 8-BIT (NES)

Cover of Jurassic Park 8-BIT

What Happens? This classic takes us back to the pixelated Isla Nublar. The objective? Survive the dino onslaught and restore power to the park.

The 8-bit era was all about simplicity. This game offers a straightforward platforming experience with a dash of puzzle-solving. You control Dr. Alan Grant, jumping and dodging your way through levels, using tranquilliser darts against your ancient adversaries.

How does it play today? Its basic graphics and sound might be a fossil of the past, but its charm is undeniable. The difficulty is punishing, but it provides a nostalgic challenge for those who appreciate retro gaming.

Jurassic Park PORTABLE (Game Boy)

Cover of Jurassic Park PORTABLE

What Happens? Well, it’s similar to its 8-bit cousin, but with the added portability factor. Again, it’s all about survival and outsmarting dinosaurs.

With limited graphical capabilities, the Game Boy version focuses more on strategy and resource management. It’s slower-paced, urging players to think before they leap, or in this case, before they run from a Velociraptor.

How does it play today? I actually enjoyed the slower pace, despite the lesser graphics. It has an almost survival horror vibe, and it’s impressive how much tension and atmosphere were squeezed into such a small cartridge. In the small form factor of a portable device, it holds up remarkably well.

Jurassic Park 16-BIT (SNES)

Cover of Jurassic Park 16-BIT

What Happens? With the massive leap forward in graphics and power afforded by the 16-BIT SNES, this iteration takes a more narrative-driven approach that feels more in the mould of a modern adventure game. 

You’re put through a mix of top-down exploration and first-person interior sequences. Both work surprisingly well, with the top-down exploration almost giving off Zelda or Pokemon vibes. Plus I don’t remember Sam Neill’s Alan Grant ever looking that jacked, but it’s the sort of head-canon I can get on board. with.

How does it play today? As you can imagine, it’s the best we’ve covered so far. The increased colour palette, variety of gameplay and inflated pectorals of our favourite palaeontologist all make for a bit of an underrated classic. 

Jurassic Park (GENESIS)

Cover of Jurassic Park (GENESIS)

What Happens? Another 16-bit take on the Jurassic saga, but with a distinct, kid-high-on-Sunny-Delight flair that only Sega can do. 

It diverges from the SNES version by allowing players to choose between Dr. Grant or a Velociraptor. Yes, you can be the six foot turkey! The Genesis version is definitely more action-oriented, with faster gameplay and more emphasis on reflexes.

How does it play today? Its choice of playable characters and faster pace make it a unique experience even now. While I’d prefer to sit down and get comfortable with the SNES version, the Genesis release is far superior for quick plays of Cretaceous-flavoured carnage.

Jurassic Park Part 2: The Chaos Continues 16-BIT (SNES)

Cover of Jurassic Park Part 2: The Chaos Continues 16-BIT

What Happens? A direct sequel in spirit, it ramps up the action and stakes. Released in 1994, it actually offered a continuation of the story before the equally underrated Jurassic World: The Lost World hit cinemas in 1996. 

More focused on action than the first SNES game, it moved to a side-scrolling perspective,  introducing strategic mission objectives. You’re not just surviving; you’ve got a laundry list of objectives to complete in order to bring order to the chaos.

How does it play today? It’s a solid sequel that makes a good effort to build on its predecessor. The gameplay is engaging, though it can feel a bit repetitive. But if you enjoyed the first one, this one’s a no-brainer.

Jurassic Park Part 2: The Chaos Continues PORTABLE (Game Boy)

Cover of Jurassic Park Part 2: The Chaos Continues PORTABLE

What Happens? Basically the same as its home console counterpart, but made for handheld. Obvs.

It blends the strategic elements of the first Game Boy title with more action. The missions add a sense of urgency and purpose, making it more than just a survival game.

How does it play today? It’s a decent portable experience, though it lacks the depth of the home console versions, and probably doesn’t do enough differently to stand out like its predecessor. Not great, but definitely not bad.

Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition GENESIS

Cover of Jurassic Park Rampage

What Happens? This game takes a more arcade-style approach, with fast-paced action and an emphasis on high scores.

Rampage Edition ups the ante with more weapons, more dinosaurs, and a more frenetic pace. It’s like the original Genesis game on whatever pills that gave to Mr DNA.

How does it play today? It’s a blast for those who love arcade-style action. The Rampage Edition is a fun, if somewhat mindless, dinosaur romp.

So that’s what you can expect from each of the games included in the Jurassic Park: Classic Games Collection. Do you remember playing any of these back in the day, or is there one you’re most excited to dive into? Please let me know in the comments below, I’d love to read your thoughts. And while you’re down there, don’t forget to hit subscribe and like this video for plenty more on all things gaming, and you can always visit upsidedownshark.com to keep up with everything else we’ve got going on. Until then, my name is Tom, this has been UDS and never forget to hold onto your butts. 

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