The UDS Files Issue #2 – The Halloween Special!

Following the success of the first issue of The UDS Files, we’re proud to reveal to you Issue 2 – the Halloween Special! Inside you’ll find all sorts of spooky fun, including comics, interviews, fan-fiction (!) and we even caught up with the Prince of Darkness himself!

You can of course check out the whole thing down below, or alternatively we’ve got a whole bunch in fully printed, folded and stapled form, and if you want one then you can hit us up at @UDSRadio or email us at and we’ll do our best to get one to you!

A special thanks to all involved in the creation of this issue, especially to Neale for the overall design, and to Joey Chilton, the Calaveras, Radio Gorepress and TrashFic for their contributions!

If you’re very lucky, you may even find our Zine out in the wild…

 Orbital Comics, London Orbital Comics, London

 Kipps Micro Pub, Folkestone Kipps Micro Pub, Folkestone

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