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The Best Licensed Video Games

Check out our rundown of the best games based on our favourite entertainment properties!

The Best Star Wars Games You Should Play In 2020

Join our Tom as he runs down the best Star Wars games still worth discovering in 2020....

The Greatest Album By A Band You’ve Never Heard Of | Wood Recommend

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What To Take From Each Marvel-Netflix Show, And What To Leave Behind

Our Drew delves in to what Disney can learn from the Marvel-Netflix shows, and what it would do well to ignore!

Top 5 Gorillas in Pop Culture

Let's talk about 5 of the best gorilla in pop culture!

The Top 5 Video Games Featuring Dinosaurs

Join our Tom as he runs down some of the best games featuring everyone’s favourite prehistoric beasties!

UDS’s Quarantine/Impending Apocalypse Playlist

The UDS Quarantine/Impending Apocalypse Playlist - guaranteed to at the very least be something you can listen to whilst stuck at home!

Where to Start with Disney+

With the launch of Disney+ in the UK, we reveal what to watch first on the platform!

7 Animal Crossing Villagers You Need in Your Desert Island Cult

Dobbie runs down his list of the best villagers that would be excellent in your new Desert Island Cult!