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Hey there friends. You know, we at Upside Down Shark love Pop Culture, we chat regularly about new music, new movies, new TV shows and all other sorts of tidbits and news. And of course, one of our favourite things to talk about is video games. Oh hey, speaking of video games, did you know we regularly stream on Twitch???

IT’S TRUE! Not only do we like talking about video games, we also like playing video games! And what’s more, you can watch us do it at twitch.tv/UDSgames

‘But UDS, what games do you stream on Twitch?’. Well disembodied voice of UDS fans, that’s a bit of a loaded question. On the one hand, we have a running stream series from Craig and Tom called ‘2 Guys 1 Cuphead’ in which they do their darndest to fight their way through the game to its conclusion with incredibly mixed results. Whether you’ve never seen the game or are a veteran, you can hop in the chat and cheer the boys on as they slowly lose the will to live each week, before the shining moments in which they finally beat a level and everything feels right in the world! 

Alternatively, you could join Neale and Dobbie to see what sort of shenanigans they’ve gotten themselves into this week – sometimes even with ACTUAL gameplay! If the game is more incidental to you and you just fancy a good time, there’s no real set game when Neale and Dobbie stream – just whatever they fancy… or whatever works on the day!

Every so often, we all come together for a variety of party games, our favourite of which is definitely Quiplash, found inside the Jackbox Party Pack games. And what’s more, you can of course join us and play along live whenever we play these games!

Sound interesting? Then why not join us at twitch.tv/UDSgames for a good time. We usually stream on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but if you really want to know when we’re going live instead of just guessing, you can always follow us on Twitch, or on Twitter (@UDSRadio) where we will tweet out just before we go live! 

Hey, if nothing else, it’s some good background noise for an hour or 2, right?

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