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Album Review: Green Day – Father Of All Motherfuckers

Green Day’s Thirteenth studio album, ‘Father Of All Motherfuckers’ has just been released into the world. But is it any good? Here’s what resident Green Day fanboy thinks…

Album Review: False Advertising – Brainfreeze

False Advertising are a band who’ve been on my radar since they supported Jamie Lenman earlier this year, and their contemporary grunge sound struck an instant chord with this humble reviewer. That’s why I’ve been waiting excitedly for the release of their debut album - Brainfreeze (Alcopop! Records), for a number of months. And now it’s time to see if it lives up to this early buzz (and I’m not just talking guitar tones). 

Royal Republic at the Electric Ballroom Review (31/10/2019)

Dobbie went to see one of his favourite live bands, Royal Republic, at the Electric Ballroom. Here’s his review…

Jake Shears at the Electric Ballroom: Live Review

On September 20th of 2019, Dobbie took a trip to Camden to catch Jake Shears headline at the Electric Ballroom. Here’s his review

Enter Shikari at The Vegan Camp-Out 2019

I had a wild time at the Vegan Camp-Out. To read my impressions on the festival as a whole please see my review. This article focuses on the Enter Shikari presence that was there.

I have seen Enter Shikari a variety of times throughout the years. The first time being in 2008 when they supported Jay-Z and Linkin Park at Projekt Revolution. In the last 11 years I have always been constantly impressed by the energy that they bring to their shows no matter the venue. Shikari Sound System is the Electronic alter-ego of Enter Shikari and was the main reason I was interested in going to the Vegan Camp-Out Festival as they were headlining the main stage on Saturday night.

Vegan Camp-Out 2019 Review

August is the month of festivals, especially in the United Kingdom. The most well known are called Reading & Leeds, but there’s also Creamfields and One Love, not to mention the various smaller independent festivals all across the island. Vegan Camp-Out is one of the smaller festivals (at least when compared to Reading, for example) but has a big festival feel. It is about spreading the positivity of what can be accomplished by being Vegan and has a variety of speakers, activism classes and musical acts.

Vegan Camp-Out is, as the name implies, a festival primarily for Vegans. First started in 2016 to an attendance of 400 (with one food vendor) the Camp-Out has since gone from strength to strength and gotten bigger and bigger every year. As a non-vegan I was curious as to what exactly the festival would have to offer myself (aside from Enter Shikari based shenanigans, which I cover in a separate article), I had so many questions. What do Vegans do at a festival? What do they talk about? Do they just walk around patting each other on the back? Are they preachy? In over my head, perhaps. But I was very eager to learn the different ways people live.

Album Review: Gender Roles – Prang

After a couple of mighty impressive EP releases in recent years, the trio have finally released their debut album - Prang (Big Scary Monsters), and if you’re so inclined to read, I’ll explain to you why this is one of the best albums of 2019.

Album Review: Feeder – Tallulah

A review of Feeder’s Tenth studio album, ‘Tallulah’

Kew The Music: Garbage – Live Review

On July 13th 2019, Garbage played a show in London’s Kew Gardens. How did they fare in a reasonably posh concert series that’s been predominantly headlined by Pop acts over the years? Astronomically well, it turns out!

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