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The Top 5 Video Games Featuring Dinosaurs

Join our Tom as he runs down some of the best games featuring everyone’s favourite prehistoric beasties!

UDS’s Quarantine/Impending Apocalypse Playlist

The UDS Quarantine/Impending Apocalypse Playlist - guaranteed to at the very least be something you can listen to whilst stuck at home!

Where to Start with Disney+

With the launch of Disney+ in the UK, we reveal what to watch first on the platform!

7 Animal Crossing Villagers You Need in Your Desert Island Cult

Dobbie runs down his list of the best villagers that would be excellent in your new Desert Island Cult!

Top 7 Films To Watch While In Self Quarantine

Take a peek at the best films to watch to stave off cabin fever!

7 Albums From 2007 That You Should Listen To Again

In February of 2019, your pals at UDS came together to pick some albums from the year 2004 that we thought you should all go and give another listen to. We had fun doing it, and throughout the year planned to do it again. Here we are in the last week of January 2020, and we’re finally getting around to it, but this time we’re looking at albums from 2007!

Chugging An Entire Bottle Of Hot Sauce! | 150 Subscriber Hot Sauce Challenge!

To celebrate getting to 150 subs by the end of 2019, our Tom vowed to drink and entire bottles of hot sauce. And he ain't no liar! Watch as Tom struggles to chug and keep down an entire bottle of Gringo Bandito, the sauce made by Dexter Holland of The Offspring!

Veganuary Rated

The year is 2020 and if you haven’t noticed, it seems everyone is releasing their own vegan items for the masses to consume. People in the UK have dubbed this month “Veganuary” and as such a decent amount of fast food outlets have responded accordingly with their own vegan-friendly menu options. Here at UDS we have the lowdown on what you should digest and what you should protest. (Note: I am a Vegetarian, however I used to eat a lot of meaty fast food so I have experience in this field)

“But Craig this is a pop culture website” I hear you cry! Well reader I argue that food is always in the cultural zeitgeist, the more depressing aspect is that this is more of a “food fad” when really more pro-Earth food should always be in popular culture. Do not think about that too much though! Enjoy!

Dobbie’s Top 50 Songs of the 2010s

Dobbie put together a list of his 50 favourite songs from the 2010s. Check it out!